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Quickly organize your Windows Start Menu with Smorg's Explorer-like interface, so you can easily find the program you want.

As each application installs programs into its own folder your Start Menu rapidly becomes a long list of software brands instead of a quick way to find the program you want. With Smorg, you can create folders named for the categories you choose. Mark these folders as favorites and Smorg will list them in a separate tree so you can easily see the structure you've chosen no matter how chaotic the rest of the Start Menu becomes. Then drag and drop icons into the structure you've created, and delete all the obscurely named folders polluting your Start Menu.

To help you organize your Start Menu, Smorg includes a Menu Detective. The Menu Detective hunts out:

  • Broken shortcuts to programs you've removed or updated: Smorg will try to locate the missing target so you can quickly fix the broken shortcut. This is often useful to quickly tidy shortcuts installed by program updates.
  • Duplicate shortcuts to the same program. Again helpful to tidy up after installing software updates.
  • Empty folders that contain no shortcuts
  • New items you've not yet organized

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Smorg's Features for Organizing your Start Menu

Tidying up is never much fun so we've packed Smorg with features to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Full drag and drop support

An interface you’re already familiar with: simply drag and drop program shortcuts and folders to organize. If you prefer, you can use also cut, copy and paste to move items around.

Unlimited Undo and Redo

If you change your mind after moving, deleting or editing a shortcut simply choose undo to reverse the change. All changes Smorg makes to the file system can be reversed.

Dual Folder View

Two folder trees show you all the folders in the Start Menu (on the left) and favourite folders (on the right). The favourite folder view makes it easy to navigate your logical structure even if installers have added many extra folders to the Start Menu.

Dual folder view

Support for Program and Internet shortcuts

Url and standard program shortcuts can be edited and created.

Menu Detective

Menu detective tool Smorg's menu detective will hunt out broken shortcuts, duplicates, new items and empty folders. Where possible, it will offer a quick fix to fix the shortcut, remove duplicates or empty folders and file new items in sensible locations.

Menu detective results

Launch programs

Can’t remember what a program does? Double click the icon to launch it from within Smorg without going to the Start Menu.

Organize Shared and Personal Menu Items

Edit both personal and shared menus

Windows builds the Start Menu from two folders on your computer: a user or personal folder and a shared folder. On a machine with several users, program shortcuts in the shared branch are included on the Start Menu for all users. Shortcuts in the personal branch are only available to the user that created them. Smorg lets you work with both shared and personal items, presenting shortcut items the same way Windows does. You can easily move shortcuts between branches. Icons in the folder navigation bar and decorating each shortcut show which branch an item belongs too:

  • Personal item
  • Shared item
  • Shared and personal folder

Update Manager

Smorg automatically checks for new versions. Registered users receive free updates to the latest version for life.

Create and Nest Folders

Create folders at the top of the Start Menu and within folders to organize your program shortcuts exactly they way you want them.

Select Multiple Items

Move, copy, delete several program shortcuts at once.

Start system program manager

The latest trial program didn’t turn out so good? Smorg’s tools menu provides a quick link to the system program manager (Add/ Remove Programs pre Windows 7, now Programs and Features) to uninstall applications.

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Free updates for life

30 Day Money Back Guarantee